Q: What is
A: is the official home of the Graphics Champ, the #1 Online Graphic Design Workshop where you can download the best videos and tutorials on photoshop and graphic design. These are the most cutting edge, professional techniques on producing professional graphics, as well as designing animations and art for multi-media as well. also comes action packed with video, a database and resources. You can get unlimited access to by joining and your membership will last forever with no recurring fees whatsoever. You get access for one flat fee. is the first of its kind on the net and works as a great introduction or resource for advanced level producers of all stages in the game.
YOU can DOWNLOAD as many of our videos as you like, as many TIMES as you want, for a small, ONE-TIME payment. You will then get INSTANT ACCESS to our DATABASE which is here Then you can download videos in our database, with other valueable resources. No catch, no recurring fees and NO LIMITS! -The VIDEOS are High-quality and DOWNLOADABLE. Members of our site can also reach us 24-7 via email. We upload new videos as well and add new resources. I'll say it again! -IT IS JUST A COUPLE BUCKS FOR THE WHOLE THING! -You dont have to pay for each video. -You get all of them. I'll see you in the Database section.
Q: Who is the producer in the videos?
A: Producer James Lewis of CHAMP ENTERTAINMENT, INC
Q: What Equipment do you use in the videos?
A: James Lewis uses a MacG5 workstation with Photoshop, Image ready, Final cut pro, and 10 yrs experience.
Q: Are there any hidden fees? Are ther any costs after I pay the $29.95? How much does it cost?
A: NO HIDDEN FEES! -Sign up for a membership (which costs only $29.95), and access, download and use our videos, database, and production resources forever. with absolutely no re-occurring charges!
Q: Can I pick and choose which videos I download?
A: Yes and feel free to contact James Lewis and he will help you find what you are looking for.
Q: What if I lose my password?
A: If you lose your password, email us and we will look up your name and get you another one!
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