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How would you like to MASTER graphic design by next week?
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Want to learn how to do hot graphics?
You have come to the right place.
I created with one thing in mind: to make you a MASTER GRAPHICS ARTIST. is the official website of my strategic video tutorial system: Graphics Champ. I have created an easy-to-follow method that will give you the skills you need to design anything you want. That's right- I'll give you the skills you need to design websites, album covers, T-shirts, download buttons, banners, flyers, ecovers, and you will learn FAST! Once you try my time-tested formula, you'll experience the Graphics Champ difference. Try it today- IT'S POWERFUL!

Beginning and advanced graphic designers, marketers, and web developers say exactly the same thing about the Graphics Champ method:
IT WORKS PERFECTLY!  My graphics course comes complete with:

  • 15 individual video lessons.  Each lesson is action packed video.
  • Skill-building exercisesWe will give you literally hundreds of 21st century skill-building exercises to make you a graphical master. 
  • InstructionWe will give you access to our exclusive and growing library of quick start templates FOR FREE!
  • The Graphics Champ method is ACTION-PACKED and loaded with the diverse features you need to become a real GRAPHICS MASTER.


How to create internet Banners
Do you want to know how to create the most cutting edge high-budget banners? It's all right here. Learn how to produce incredible mouth dropping Internet banners or advertisements on call quickly and easily.
How to create website buttons
Want to make 3D download or "join now" buttons? How about a set of metallic or wooden buttons using textures? You will say, that's how you do that!
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How to create websites
Learn how to design jpg's and gif's for websites. Banners, features panels, buttons, packages and bonus graphics!
How to create Logos
Master the design of high-quality logos of all kinds, whether it's for a website, company, record label or business card. It's easy with our system.
photoshop video tutorials
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How to cut out backgrounds
Cut out busy backgrounds, put new backgrounds in, solid color backgrounds get replaced almost instantly and how to correctly trace without remnants being left behind.
How to fix and touch-up pictures
Fix photo quality and touch up pictures easily, change color balance and mix brightness together for perfect output.
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How to create corporate seals
Create corporate seals, guarantee stickers, circular logos and seal of approvals of the highest quality.
How to create advertisements
Design advertisements for print, banner, billboard and more! No matter what size, outlet, market or job, you will have this down faster then you think.
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How to create design T-shirts
Learn how to design graphics for t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and other clothing. Learn the right output and requirements for a brilliant quality custom designed clothing article.
How to create E-Covers
Create e-cover graphics and make your website convert twice as good as before.
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My name is James Lewis.

I am a versatile graphic designer and web master, and I have been teaching students of all ages for over 10 years. I have successfully prepared students for the big time and I have always loved teaching my skills and seeing people succeed with them. My desire to make graphics understandable to every person is what compelled me to create and develop the Graphics Champ method.
I use this method myself- every day. It keeps my designing strong and my thinking straight. I think about design all day.

I had heard of you before I found the site, and had liked what I heard.
I wanted to increase my chops so I could produce albums fast.
In just two short weeks After downloading the program and beginning the methods, a&r's would not leave me alone! -John M, Englewood NJ, USA

Maybe you want to be an award winning artist, Or design the most killer artwork and album covers for your band!  Maybe you just want to chill out and design T-Shirts...  From Web to Print to Multi-media to Cartoons- no matter what your goals and desires are- we’ve got the RESOURCES YOU NEED to make your Graphic Design career happen!

Every digital artist needs to understand and know how to manipulate layers, history, actions, tools and brushes to truly become a GRAPHICS MASTER.  But learning these skills can be challenging and frustrating.  I want you to know that the Graphics Champ method understands your needs:
You will learn the skills you need to learn QUICKLY AND EASILY!  Just follow the lessons…

I am going to give you ALL the BEST strategies and secrets that I use to design all of my hottest banners, websites, album covers and more, plus you get access to my database. I am going to reveal how to create a system to work with, being able to design anything immediately because I want you to succeed! You are my star pupil, and I want you to kick some serious butt at design. It doesn't matter if you are already an advanced artist or just starting out! I will imply the best methods and grant you access to the most exquisite resources available anywhere on the planet!
photoshop video tutorials
The Graphics Champ Multimedia Program
Become a master at Graphic design, and the way it works in a short amount of time! You get powerful video lessons, Action-packed step by step methods in all different areas of graphic design. You will learn how to design any banner, website art, ad, ecover, T-shirt or album cover quickly and easily, with virtuoso technique! Graphics Champ also comes with Certified power instruction, 9 Video lessons and step by step instructions for all stages and our frequently updated members database, filled with the best resources available to the modern graphic designer!
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9 high-quality action-packed video lessons
With Graphics Champ, you get 9 Video lessons! Over the last few years we have critiqued our study plan and have produced the best video lessons for graphic design on the planet. We include all styles, all applications and a detailed attack plan you can bring to your portfolio!
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The VideoEditingMaster Program
With VideoEditingMaster, you will also learn Video editing! VideoEditingMaster comes complete with a detailed comprehensive system to editing video with Final Cut Pro and full documentation to make your educational journey quick and easy. Download the entire system including a complete collection of video lessons.
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Exclusive Documented resources.
Download more than 1000 of the best original documented resources providing complete understanding of cloning, tracing, duplicating, effecting and more!
Unlimited membership to our database with new monthly updates!
nova tutorials You will learn how to design with master expertise! With our 21st century approach, you will create jaw dropping prints, banners, web art and more! Learn the top techniques that will enable you to do almost supernatural artwork!
photography tutorials Download all of our instructional videos! It's all in the videos. You get access to download all of the instructional videos and you can watch them as much as you want.
Open photoshop while you watch and master the techniques.
photoshop special effects tutorials Learn to design and create any product on earth including: Banners, Buttons, T-Shirts and Clothing, Album Covers, CD's, Flyers, Business cards, Videos, Advertisements, Logos, Seals, Join now buttons, Cartoons, Animations, Moving texts, Effects and more!
text effect tutorials Every technique in easy to understand vocabulary... Graphics Champ is a carefully structured system, which is easy to follow and effective. My program consists of video tutorials and documents which were composed strategically so that you would graduate knowing how to create the best works of digital art.
drawing in photoshop Design animations and cartoons!... First, learn how to zoom in, create characters, get them ready for the timeline and bring them to life! Whenever you need a piece of art for your cartoon, we will show you were to get it fast as well.
photoshop animation Where and how to get clip art and stock photography!... What do I do when I need to design something special? I build an arsenal of stock photography and begin putting my project together. Im going to show you EXACTLY where I go to get any photo or texture.
photoshop horror tutorials How to become a visual expert, and design with incredible speed and accuracy... With graphics Champ, you will get skill builders that enhance your visual eye-hand coordination which will enable you to become accurate and help you build confidence.
photoshop painting tutorials Learn how to design for other people... You will learn how to work for clients professionally, and how to present your portfolio to employers.
adobe video tutorials Increase your brain stamina by 40% in one month... Let us show you how to work from 100% reflex, instead of WASTING all your energy when you record!
photoshop elements video tutorials The one thing you have to get down if you are going to be a designer.... Most teachers wont tell you this, cause they want you to have a reason to come back! If they taught you this, you would end up teaching them!
Here's what some of the GraphicsChamp students are saying:
Super Course James! My ecovers are absolutely crazy and Im doing projects as we speak, thanks again! -John H, Pittsburgh, PA
Graphics Champ is MONSTROUS! Excellent program! I WILL be telling everyone who is interested in photoshop tutorials about this program and let them know that it is top of the line.

Sarah J, Danbury, CT

James, I ordered your course last week and I wanted to say It rocks! I already started kicking some serious *** and Im going to be creating a site next month. Ill let you know when it's done. -Tom S, Tampa, FL
I hope you had the time to see the program page, and As you see I have made it extremely easy for you to make the right decision. There is no way in hell that you are going to be thick headed enough to pass up this incredible opportunity. Remember, If you can find another website or program that offers anything close to Graphics Champ, Get it immediately!
No one, and I mean NO ONE on the internet has made a system as thorough and dynamic as Graphics Champ. Join me...Let's make visual history.

Well, that's about it....I'm glad you visited!
We look forward to working with you and watch you do your best!

How To Order:
It's time....To order my program, just simply press the join button below, and then enter your zip code. After that, you will be prompted to enter your billing information. All orders are taken care of by Clickbank, they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. You can also pay with paypal. My entire program costs only $29.95! and yes, that is a one-time fee. This purchase gets you an unlimited membership, and everything that I am offering you. This is a gateway to professional expertise in Graphic design for the affordable price of $29.95, and that's how I like it. and you'll be a master off Graphic Design, and you will be able to produce graphics, websites, t-shirts, album covers and whole design projects instead of just one!
Order "The LearnPhotoShop" Program!
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